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Feel The Beat is a director by Elissa Down and it is comedy, music, drama film. feel the best stares Sofia Carson, Enrico Colantonio, Dennis Andres, Wolfgang Novogratz, and release on 06-19-2020.

Feel The Beat Review

Feel The Beat is another best movie in that situation dance, comedy means so many things to people who need the feel. Feel the Beat’ is the story of April Dibrina, a small-town girl who dreams of becoming a world-renowned Broadway dancer. She is not only extreme, hardworking, and committed. she 'steals' a taxi to reach an elderly woman the studio on time. She makes it almost to the final round, but it turns out that the elderly lady she had misbehaved with earlier, Ruth Zimmer, is one of the members of the jury and one of Broadway's greatest names.

April tries to have her convinced to give her a chance but unwittingly it ends up driving her off the stage. April is mentioned in black by the dancing group in NYC. Will, she ever be in a position to come back, Will she pick an alternative career. Surviving in a big city It's hard without a career so April packs her bag and heads to her hometown, Wisconsin, to be with her dad.

She is her first dance teacher warmly welcomed me, Miss Barb (Donna Lynne Champlin), who offers her a chance to train a squad of misfit amateurs to win ‘Dance Competition’. April initially mocks at the chance but only until she discovers that the competition is being judged by Welly Wong (Rex Lee), a successful New York manufacturer. But dancing is Something and teaching for somebody, especially kids, or another.

This job has April to call for tremendous patience, which happens to be a quality she's missing out most. She’s dedicated to dancing and expects the kids to measure yourself against her. She is the uncompromising form and calls for its students to follow its methods to a T. Will she is able to mold these young dancers in their exacting ways. Elissa Down’s (Director) flick is refreshing and invoking a feeling of hope, love, and achievement.

It's not just a story that is about a dance competition; rather, it’s the coming-of-age journey of an extreme but intrepid young soul. Two subplots fit perfectly into your storyline. One is April & Nick's little love story (Wolfgang Novogratz), Whom she broke up before leaving for New York. The other revolves around Sarah's sister Nick, Who used to idolize April but is now resentful of leaving everything without a word. The film, co-written by Michael Ambruster and Shwan Ku, reveals nothing that we had not seen before.

It takes a while to get going, but once it does, this story turns out to be an emotional one, especially with some heartfelt moments with young children. Even the number of energetic dances performed by them raises this film to a different level. Despite the cliché of the plot, this one is bound to melt hearts. As of April, Sofia Carson sinks perfectly into the character of a not-so-kind, self-centered girl who will step over anyone in a heartbeat to become the best dancer. Her father, Frank (Enrico Colantoni) finely carries out his role. As Nick, Wolfgang Novogratz is pretty likable. In contrast, Donna Lynne Champlin 's character as Miss Barb is loud and cheesy, overreacting to almost everything.

The dance group's older girls, Kari (Lidya Jewett) and Sarah (Eva Hauge) are proving to be the biggest asset. The rest of the group's rambunctious kids are adorable and have their dance and acting chops steal the show. All in all, it’s a feel-good film that inspires you to follow your heart.
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