Best way to make money online

best way to make money online
best way to make money online

In this article, I will discuss the best way to make money online without any investment. I will share my strategy on how can I make money online.

I don't believe that making money online when I was at school but when I research for the best way to make money online and I got away but I went to the wrong track because it takes to a lot of time to receive my first payment. I will share the best tips to get paid within the month.

Here The Best Way To Make Money Online In 2020

  1.  Blogging With Adsense And Third Party Ad Network
  2.  Affiliate Marketing
  3.  Stock Marketing or Mutual Funds
  4.  Sale Course And Book
  5.  Make Money From Youtube 
  6.  Make Money From Facebook And Instagram
  7.  Become A Freelancer

1. Blogging With Adsense And Third Party Ad Network

 Now let understand how to make money from blogging with an advertisement.

What is Blog?

 A blog is a kind of website or diary that you can share important information on worldwide. You can use it for personal or public. You can share your knowledge with blog posts.

How to create a Blog?

You can create a simple blog on and you can customize and redesign it or connect with a custom domain like .com, .in, .net, .org, etc. Now the main point of how you can make money from blogging.

  • Create a blog and customize it
  • Connect with Google search console or a custom domain( If you want)
  • Create a site map
  • Write a post for a specific keyword
  • Create a backlink for easily rank website or post within a month.

After completely set up your website then how you can make money with Adsense and third-party ad network.

 How To Qualify For Adsense?

  • Minimum 30 blog post with high-quality content without copyright
  • Connect with a custom domain
  • Create some backlink for google trust.
  • Create an important page like about us, contact us, disclaimer, privacy policy.

Then apply for monetizing your blog website for showing ads on your blog post.

If you want to make money without waste to write a blog post then you can make money from the URL shortener website.

What is the URL shortener website or how can I make money from the URL shortener website?
A URL shortener is a  completely free tool website that you can short a long URL. You can short any kind of URL and share it on Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. If anyone clicks on it then you will get paid or you can read the whole thing about how to make money from URL shortener.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Another best way to make money from Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the best marketing programs that anyone shares owner product link or sale. If you sell a mobile phone on an affiliate link then you will get a commission from it. Create a website or register an affiliate program then promote affiliate product link or you can share a direct affiliate link to your friends or WhatsApp to buy a product But now a day you can't rank affiliate product easily on google because there are a lot of competition(Competition High) in the affiliate product.

3. Stoke Marketing or Mutual Funds.

If you want to invest money or take to risk for make money then you can go for stock marketing or trading but the mutual fund is safe or low risk or low profit. If you beginner at this place you should read some books before start your journey. You can invest money on mutual funds for long a time choose the best fund to give you the best returns.

4. Sell Course And Book

It is the best way to make money online you can sell your course, study material there are lots of websites to sell their course, book, study material, video lecture. Build a website like an online store and sell your material. It is the best and easy way to get paid and earn huge money easily. You can make a video lecture-like, Gate Exam, Bank Exam, Rail Way Exam, SSC Exam note, Learn Coding, Build a website, Build Android apps, etc.

5. Make Money From Youtube 

I think you know how to make money from youtube. You know a lot of creators make a youtube video and earn a lot of money like Carryminati, Amit Badhana, Ashis, Technical Guruji. Before starting your journey keep in mind you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time to monetize your account to show ads on your video.

6. Make Money From Facebook And Instagram

You can make money from Facebook or Instagram it's not a joke it true. You can make money from your Facebook page but you need to full fil criteria for earn you need to two things 10,000 follower or 1-minute watch in every 3 minutes video on the Facebook page. If you have a lot of followers on Facebook or Instagram you can share sponsorship links or affiliate links.

7. Become A Freelancer

If you are a good programmer(website, Android), designer or writer then you can find a lot of paid jobs on Fiverr that you can earn. You just need to be patient and set up your profile and gig. Many clients offer to you write a post, create a website with a specific time then you will get paid.


You can make money if you follow anyone mention above but if you work regularly you differently find the best way to make money online.

All of the ideas are very common nowadays many people first their journey in this way and earn. We are discussing blogging, Make money, Series, Movies, etc beginner to advance.

Choose a specific way and work with it regularly. Make sure you believe yourself you can do it. Some one-stop there work after 1, 2-month work. But If you want to really make money online don't think negatively always think positively.

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