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Can you make money from blogging?
How to start a blog to make money?
What is the easy way to make money from blogging?
Can you make money within a month?
How much can I earn?

If you are asking about blogging or any of the above questions then this is the right place.

In this blogging guide, we will help you to get started to make money from blogging, and once you’ve created a blog, after start looking into ways to earn. 

That’s a good question for every new blogger on how to make money from blogging. It is simple to create a blog but the main question you have is how to earn. I explain the basic point that you can easily understand and start making money.

Before going to create a blog or customize your blog you need to identify which is the low competition keyword or niche that makes it easy to rank your site on google to make money from blogging easily.

So you have the main target keyword and traffic to earn. The traffic is the main key to earn money. Keywords are everything for every niche and every article.

What is a Blog?
Best blogging platform to make money?
How to start a blog?
Types of blogs that are profitable?
What are the various ways to make money blogging for beginners?
FQNs about making money from blogging?

What is a Blog?

A blog is a type of online diary or information and discussion website that provides a worldwide based on the web page. You can write everything on your blog like daily life, lifestyle, fashion, fitness, etc.

Best blogging platform to make money?

You aren't required to learn HTML coding to create a blog. Google provides an alternative platform to make money from it. One is a blogger platform and another is WordPress. 

Both of the platforms are the same but the WordPress cost is higher than the blogger. The blogger only needs to domain but you can make money without a domain.

You need to buy a domain hosting and SEO tools on WordPress. If you can’t invest then go for

How to start a blog?

Before going to start a blog you need to have the right low competition keyword and niche. Choose a high cpc ( cost per click) niche that makes it profitable.

Go to write a blog name( should be unique and remember) click on create but in the blog it is the default template you can change it on the theme.

Types of blogs that are profitable?

If you create a blog and monetize it but earning is very low because of your niche and keyword. You can create multiple blogs but one blog can change your life. 

If you get 1000 views with low cpc keyword and niche then the earning 0.5$  above but if your niche with high cpc keyword then you will get 3$ to 5$.

Here are the profitable blog list-

If you work with a high cpc(cost per click) keyword then you can make money within months. This is a highly profitable blog that earns a lot of money from blogging. 

Fitness and sports 
Family and home 
Education and career 
Social networks 
Politics and society  

Here are the various ways to make money blogging for beginners-

make money from blogging
make money from blogging

There are a lot of methods that you can make money but this is an easy way to make money, you can earn with ads, online courses, Affiliate, etc. There are many ad networks that you can monetize your blog to earn money.   

1. Affiliate marketing- You can earn money with Affiliate marketing, this is the best way to make a lot of money from Affiliate and ads but how you can earn from it. First, you need to create an account on affiliate marketing programs like an amazon affiliate marketing program and GoDaddy affiliate marketing. 

How it works-If anyone likes to purchase any products online then you can share your affiliate link to your friend or website buy the bottom, if your friend or anyone bought any product from your link then you will get a commission from the affiliate. 

2. Google Adsense- Google Adsense is one of the most popular ad networks in the world. You can monetize your website and make money. You can run Google ads on your site if you are qualified for ready to show ads. If anyone clicks on those ads then you will get paid per every click. Google gives you 1 $ per 1000 views in India but it depends on your keyword, cpc, country. 

3. Third-party Ads network- There are several third-party ad networks on google similar to Google AdSense but you will get easy approval from it. You can approve websites to show ads within one day but google Adsense is tough to approve but you can get. It's low cpc(cost per click) rather than Google Adsense.

4. URL shortener- Are you sharing any popular youtube videos, any download link, or any other website articles on social media daily or your WhatsApp groups? You can earn money to short link if you use one of the URL shortener services from the URL shortener. It’s very easy to make money from blogging by only short a link and pasting your download bottom or directly share. You can make money without a website by URL shortener.

5. Online store or Course- This is another way to make money easily you can sell your own product like clothes, online courses, Important videos and notes, Bank exam notes, Psu Online video, Gate notes, etc. If you keep 1-course rs 1000 then you can.

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