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What is Earndone?

Earndone is the best high paying best Url shortener website that is a completely free tool to create an account where you can create a shorts link and you can get paid from every click. so you can make money by sharing a short link everywhere.

Now how you can start earning from it, so it is a simple step
1. Create an account
2. Short a link
3. share on every blog post and social media.

You can short movie download link. If you have a movie website then you can earn huge money from it. You need to copy the download link and short from earndone then paste your download bottom.


How Earndone Works:

If you want to earn money by sharing a short link that you can short link on the earndone website. After you can create an account then open your dashboard and paste your URL and shorted you can short any type of link or share on your social media or another platform.

If anyone clicks your short link it firstly opens an earndone website it shows many ads then opens your original website. When every user clicks on ads then you will get paid from earndone.

You can withdraw easily the minimum withdraw only 5$. The earndone website gives you a high CPM that means if your visitor visits India then the CPM 5 to 6$ or if your visitor visits the USA, Canada, Dubai then you will get a high CPM up to 20$. CPM is best for your audience.

The different country gives you different CPM. But you can get 5$ per 1000 views in India.
You can earn another way. You can earn 25% of your earndone referral link for a lifetime. If anyone registers your referral link then you will get a 25% commission.

Withdraw methods are abavible Paytm, Paypal, UPI, Bank transfer.

Create an account now to start earning Earndone

There are some country list or CPM rate mobile and desktop per 1000 views

 Finland     $40.00
 Switzerland    $35.00
  The United States  $35.00
 Singapore     $30.00
 Germany     $29.00
  The United Kingdom      $28.00
 Kuwait $27.00
 France $26.00
 Canada $25.00
 Australia $24.00
 Denmark $23.00
  The United Arab Emirates$22.00
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